Pittsburgh Artist of the Week

Each week, WYEP features a local Pittsburgh artists you should check out. Click on the images below to see each artist and hear their interview with Morning Mix host Joey Spehar. 

Pittsburgh singer Kelsey always wanted to be in a high school musical, but she never got the part.

Mark Jeffries is a middle school science teacher by day and a garage rock obsessed songwriter after the bell rings.

The lyrics of a Lofi Delphi song can seem pretty personal, touching on the nuances of human relationships.

Isaiah Ross started Jack Swing when he was in a low place and needed music to save him.

“And it really did,” he said. “I know what it feels like for music to be the thing to inspire you to start working towards getting out of that.”

Shannon Keating fronts the Pittsburgh band Scratchy Blanket along with her wife Chloe Hodgkins.

Pittsburgh Artist of the Week: Scratchy Blanket


Louie Petrone from the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop group Abstract Theory grew up playing on his keyboard.

Pittsburgh Artist of the Week: Abstract Theory


Avi Diamond’s latest album “Barefoot” was inspired by a winter relationship. She’s happy to say she’s grown a lot since that winter.

Pittsburgh Artist of the Week: Avi Diamond