The Local 913 Live

***For the sake of the health and safety of our community, we have decided to cancel the Local 913 Live featuring String Machine on March 17.

We will continue our usual on-air programming and hope that your love of music brings you as much joy and comfort as it brings us in times of uncertainty.

If you need some new handwashing songs, download this PDF of the tunes we've been using here at the station.***

Join us on Tuesday, Mar. 17 at the Pittsburgh Community Broadcast Center for WYEP's Local 913 Live happy hour with music from String Machine.  Doors open 6:30 pm; performance @ 7 pm.

Complimentary beverages from Founders Brewing Co. are available for guests aged 21+.

Thank you to our sponsors: East End Food Coop


(looking for previous local 913 Live sessions?)

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